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Get digital marketing solutions for your business with ViVO Digital.

Did you know about Telstra’s Report for Small Business Intelligence in 2018? It showed that more than 83% of customers find small businesses using search engines like Google or Bing. Still, in Australia, only 26% of small businesses practice paid search and SEO.

What does Digital Marketing mean?

Every marketing activity that takes place online is classed as Digital marketing. We can take PPC, SEO, Web Design, content creation, Email marketing and other social media marketing campaigns under this umbrella.

To capture the attention of your target audience you must keep up with modern digital marketing trends. Our digital marketing agency in Wollongong not only helps you achieve the goals of your business, but also provides the most profitable channel of marketing.

ViVO Digital has services that cover all aspects of digital marketing for you. We are a Digital marketing agency that provides you with methods and processes to exploit these services and to accomplish your business marketing goals.

Why is digital marketing important for small businesses?

Whether your business is big or small, in this digital age all businesses must have an online presence. In Australia, 62% of your target audience is searching online for the products and services they need. If you are not capitalising on this fact and still using the traditional method of advertising only, then you are losing a big audience and tons of customers with each passing day.

For small businesses, or any business size, digital marketing can play a pivotal role. By working with ViVO Digital, whether you’re a business in Wollongong, the Illawarra, Sydney or Australia, we will work with you to maximise your exposure to your online audience. Using methods like SEO optimisation, SEO strategy, Content creation, PPC marketing and Google Search Console management, we will work out the best approach for you.

Why choose us?

With a collective 30+ years in the digital marketing industry, ViVO Digital bring the level of experience the big end of town has at their disposal, to small businesses. In other words, we want all small and local businesses to have access to premium resources and better exposure. At ViVO Digital, we work closely with our clients to accommodate their needs and achieve their marketing goals. We also work on building your Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns.
To Achieve this, we discuss every digital marketing strategy, from keyword research to campaign launches with you. We also deliver customized reports and look for the most innovative and efficient ways to deliver your data. We provide our digital services in Wollongong, Sydney.


Why do I need digital marketing services?

In every industry, including marketing, consumers are favouring digital-first solutions over conventional options. Your company needs digital marketing services to help you target your online clients using the right platforms and strategic planning.

What makes ViVO Digital different from other digital marketing agencies in Wollongong, near Sydney, Australia?

We distinguish ourselves from other digital marketing agencies in Wollongong, Australia, by taking a strategic, targeted approach to our business. We pay attention to your needs, strategize about the best outcomes, and develop real-world, client-centred solutions that are tailored to your requirements. We are a company with a conscience and we love what we do. We have a fantastic team with a fantastic range of real-world expertise and tonnes of professional credentials. We provide our customers with exceptional support.

Does ViVO Digital helps startup companies with digital marketing services?

Yes, we offer 360-degree digital marketing services to assist startups. Startups find it more convenient when the same company handles all of their marketing requirements, especially in the beginning. ViVO Digital in Wollongong provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions made especially for startups.

How to promote business through digital marketing?

To get qualified leads, you need more than just a website. Additionally, you must be as visible as possible across a wide range of digital marketing platforms. You need a strong digital strategy, ongoing customer feedback, and in-depth business research to create a profitable online business. Fortunately, you have access to a wide range of digital marketing tactics. To reach your audience and have the best chance of success, you should ideally use a combination of the following channels.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Using social media

Content promotion

Email advertising

Online Marketing

Why choose ViVO Digital for digital marketing services in Wollongong?

Our digital marketing specialists have been working tirelessly to create novel ways to promote local businesses online and to give them access to fresh material. We’re not the type of business where “one shoe fits all.” Working with a wide range of fascinating clients has given us the knowledge and assurance to identify cutting-edge digital solutions intended to accelerate your company’s long-term growth and dramatically increase your ROI. Let ViVO Digital take you to the top and keep you there with our powerful method that has increased businesses’ organic reach, promoted their goods and services to potential clients, and targeted leads that are guaranteed to convert into sales.

How much does digital marketing cost?

Your choice of digital agency in Wollongong and the services they provide will determine your success with digital marketing. Common payment methods for these services include hourly fees, project-specific costs, and monthly retainers. The following factors would also need to be taken into account: external work, the kind of digital marketing services your company needs, your existing competitive environment, how difficult your company’s goals are to achieve, whether you are a local or global corporation, and overall budget.

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