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Do you want something to help you stand out to your clients? Be seen through the clutter of emails with a fully customised email template. We can design and develop a custom HTML email template so that your email marketing campaigns look fantastic in every inbox.

With over 10 years experience in creating HTML Email Designs, our team can help you take your email marketing campaign to the next level. We work with you to create amazing email designs for every device – meaning we focus on optimisation across multiple platforms including mobile.

As designers ourselves, we understand the importance of having synchronised branding across your outreach networks, which is why we offer complete customisation of design. From fonts to colours, you can rest assured that your brand won’t be diluted in the design and development of your new email marketing campaign. ViVO promises a professional finish, and we won’t deliver anything we aren’t 100% happy with.

We have experience in developing Responsive HTML emails and pride ourselves on comprehensive testing to ensure a beautiful outcome every time. We test using the W3C & Litmus testing platforms, which we believe are the most exhaustive testing platforms available. We are also happy to help fix or troubleshoot any bugs you may have in your current HTML Email Design.

Our designs can implement whatever features you need. Whether it’s a contact form, a social media share or a general enquiry form, we’ll be able to customise the right design for you. Let us create something beautiful that will deliver incredible success, boosting your clicks, opens and engagement with current and potential customers.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing involves creating marketing materials and distributing them via email to promote your business. These communications could be in the form of catalogues, special offers, new product launches and sales notifications. It is a type of direct marketing which has a relatively profitable ROI due to its paperless nature and immediate touchpoint with the consumer. Email Marketing is a great way to create trust and build brand loyalty by encouraging recipients to become repeat customers.

Why does my business need Email Marketing?

There are many benefits of an effective Email Marketing Campaign. First of all it allows you to obtain actionable data from your clients in regards to clicks and opens, helping you to track customer engagement. Not only that, email marketing is inexpensive and effective, with 75% of adult online users saying email marketing is their preferred marketing method.

Email Marketing also has an effective reach, as it allows you to contact a huge amount of people for relatively little effort. The benefit of being able to broadcast communications in such a personalised manner, is that it strengthens the relationship between the business and the recipient, while showcasing the businesses products and services.

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