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Why does my small business need professional photography?

How does that age old saying go? “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This sentiment holds a lot more weight than you might expect in the contemporary business world. People – including your customers – have become creatures of habit, and would rather consume creative, visual and immersive content as opposed to written content.

Professional photos have therefore become extremely versatile assets, performing a number of functions to help you grow your brand awareness and to allow your online following to soar. Professional photography certainly adds a level of professionalism to your business, and it allows you to facilitate the story-telling process in an engaging format. This equips you with the capability to develop your brand personality and create a transparent and trustworthy reputation with your customers.

ViVO photography

Everyone has a unique story to tell, and we would love to help tell yours. At ViVO, we love designing digital solutions that work hard for you and look amazing at the same time. So that we can assure our work is beautiful every time, we offer professional photography services for our clients. We specialise in commercial and advertising photography, so that your products and services look their best.

When it comes to creating content, nothing competes with the visual experience of professional photos. Seeing the smiling faces of children, or of your employees enjoying a workshop in the boardroom, professional photos can really set you apart from your competition when it comes to visual content.

With a comprehensive understanding of your brand strategy and company direction, we will work in close partnership with you to develop your creative brief. The next step is to translate your brand messaging into a beautiful professional photo shoot. We pride ourselves on delivering incredible results with minimal hassle or fuss. We work effectively with animals, children, staff and can effectively capture a variety of environments.

We love creating beautiful visual content to enhance the experience of your website or social media campaign too. At ViVO, we have a comprehensive understanding of the portfolio we need to make you look good online. We’ve worked in a variety of business environments and have the flexibility to cater for many different industries.

Our Experience

After working as professional wedding photographers for 5 years, our team is fully equipped with the best cameras and equipment to perform professional photo shoots to create amazing content for your print, website, email or social media campaign. We can also utilise the best in drone technology to create those unique shots you need.

Get in touch with us today, to discuss all of your professional photography needs! Big or small we would love to help tell your story with a beautiful professional photo shoot.

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