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Why should I be using video content?

Video has become the medium of choice for businesses to distribute content and information. This is due to its easy consumption for consumers and because of the opportunity it gives users to engage with the brand. According to Wyzowl’s video marketing survey, in 2016, only 63% of businesses were using video for marketing purposes, but now in 2019 a whopping 87% of businesses are starting to utilise this powerful content for marketing purposes. And furthermore, these businesses are reporting a 78% ROI on their video content.

Video is also a fantastic channel for educating your consumers and community about your business. Short video is Australia’s favourite method of learning with over 68% of consumers stating that they would prefer to learn via a short video, with a well-written experimental article coming in second at 15%. It’s clear that utilising video can have a great impact on your business, and should be seriously considered as a major part of your content strategy.

The engagement that video can drive for your business makes it an incredibly worthwhile investment. And a well shot video has the potential to make your brand go viral. Give your customers the ability to share, follow, interact with and engage in your business through a video content marketing strategy.

We’ve been creating video content for 5 years, and have all of the videography equipment on hand to create a beautiful campaign.We love our videography business and as it gives us the opportunity to get out from behind the desk and be inspired. We have completed videography jobs in Sydney, the Illawarra and Regional NSW, giving us the experience to film in a variety of settings from the city to the countryside. At ViVO we specialise in commercial videography, making sure that the quality of your products and services are communicated through the lens. We utilise a plethora of filming equipment and videography drones to make sure we get the perfect angle.

Our team is also highly experienced in video editing, allowing us to creatively polish your video campaign, giving you that perfect final cut. Get in touch with us, and we can get started on a creative brief together to turn your video content dreams into reality.

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